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Why was a couple in engaged… but she says he never popped the question… so when they decided to go their separate ways.. she decided to keep the 10 thousand dollar ring…. she said because he gave her the ring but never asked her to marry him…. it was a gift…


Funk Datt    but the judge agreed with the woman…  playa, next time you betta ask somebody!!!


Why did a woman in …Florida…  set fire to her roommate?  They been drinking…  they been drinking…. then they got into an argument because the male roommate threw out her spaghetti and meatballs….. she threw nail polish remover on his face and lit him up….


Funk Datt  she threw water on him trying to put the fire out…   um um um Florida!


Why was a woman in South Carolina busted and embarrassed when she got caught stealing some… love cream, handcuffs and throat spray…. from one store and a bra and 2 pair of panties from another…


Funk Datt    she’s too sexy for her budget….  broke freak man….


Why did an Australian tourist pic up a 25 year old woman from a bar… get her back to the hotel…. and about 5:30 in the morning she complained that his 25 thousand Rolex was scratching her and that he should take it off.. 10 minutes later it’s gone….  he confronts her… she slaps him repeatedly… police arrive and the officer reported that she removed the watch from her…. Tea Cake……


Funk Datt   You can’t bring people around your stuff….. all Willy Nilly like that….


Why is there a video surfing the internet of 6 New York Police officers who wrestle with a man on the ground and yell… Stop Resisting….   One of them even kicks the man in the head while he’s down…  turns out the man on the ground is a cop…


Funk Datt   Even black cops aren’t safe from some cops….


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