Why did a Norcross woman’s condo get sold at auction over a 95 dollar overdue tax bill.  The overdue taxes were from 2011 when she paid cash for the condo and she never got any letters to say that she owed the money


Funk Datt   What the Ham Sammich is that about?


Why are Ebola plush toys from an online retailer selling out?


Funk Datt   Shakin My Head…..



Why did a burgular in France get arrested while in a tipsy state…. watching TV and drinking Champagne in the house he just robbed….


Funk Datt  That’s the problem… people want to get too comfortable in the workplace… instead of doing the job and going home.


Why did a woman get stuck in the chimney of her EX!  They had to dismantle the chimney brick by brick….

Girl you ain’t Santa Clause…


Funk Datt    I’m confused was she trying to spy… or creatively rekindle that old flame?


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