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Thanks to our sleuthing writer friends at The Urban Daily, we found out what David Broom from “Real World New Orleans” is up to now. You remember him? He’s the guy that infamously brought us his original jazz ballad “Come On Be My Baby Tonight,” inspired by Frank Sinatra’s “Luck Be A Lady,” when the cast was supposed to be introducing themselves on their local TV show.  The cringe-worthy tune became water cooler chatter when the show aired in 2000 and Dave Chapelle kept it going when he invited David to his show years later in 2003. His moment came long before the Internet was pumping out memes, but here’s the good news…David is back! And this time, he’s cooking up something sexy for us!

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David now goes by Tokyo Niyeli aka Tokyo Black and has his own cooking show on YouTube called “Chef Showtime.” And let me just say: David — I mean Tokyo —  does a lot to explain exactly what cooking with love lust means. Mix overtly sexual food innuendos with basic recipes, produced tracks and amazing shirtless body rolls and you’ve got a Chef Showtime production. Want to remix your Ramen noodles? Chef Showtime has the sexy recipe for that. Want to dress up your popcorn? Chef Showtime has a sensual chocolately way of making your snack good to the last drop.

Thank goodness that folks over at Munchies got a chance to connect with the steamy chef because we had to know more:

On How He Came Up With Chef Showtime:

“I’ve decided to put my musical skills—so to speak—and my love for cooking into a creative outlet. Because I’ve been with MTV for so long and I’ve been in the music industry, I know now that I don’t want to be an artist. I just want to enjoy music and [enact] whatever creativity is truly in me. Being from Chicago, I love house music. But being a producer, I’ll listen to the tracks that I’ve been making for years and think to myself, what goes well with this? The dubstep popcorn one, it just kind of spoke to me. Like, ‘Hey, this is all about popcorn.’ So I made the popcorn work.”

On The Foods He Loves:

“I love chicken. I mean the legs, the thighs—I mean, come on. I love me some baked chicken, roasted, maybe some barbecue and a little bit of sriracha. Sexy. Kicking it. Legs, thighs, and breasts, let’s not even get into it for real.”

The videos definitely are something. Do they make your day or nah?


Remember David’s “Come On Be My Baby Tonight”:

Check Out This Full Gallery Of Chef Showtime’s Best Recipes:


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