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Why was a black high school football star in Waycross GA… who was pulled over for a seat belt violation, handcuffed and ordered to the ground at gunpoint back in January… now filing a lawsuit against the police department for 12.5 million dollars…

Funk Datt  The suit alleges racial profiling……  Ya Think?
Why did a man in …Florida… clear a courtroom after he claimed to have Ebola…  He licked his hand and wiped the saliva…. on a bar manager who was telling him to leave the property…. The judge ordered other inmates out of court and the man was checked….
Funk Datt   Doctors confirmed that he didn’t have the deadly disease
Why is there a realistic looking Japanese sex doll that can also dispense your favorite drink.  When you squeeze one of the TaTas the drink comes out of the other one….
Funk Datt   She’s a different kind of conversation piece…..
Why did a man in Indiana get previously convicted for having relations with a chicken….He has now been accused of going down that same road….  This time it was he was gettin it on with a Guinea Fowl…
Funk Datt     I…..    I’m speechless…..
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