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Why did a Texas man admit to killing his mother and losing his virginity on her corpse….(what)


Funk Datt  I’m not saying anymore about that…. That’s Sick!!!


Why did a man in …Florida…..  get caught on the roof of a closed gas station… covered in tar….  The man claimed to be an air conditioner repair man who was in town to visit family and heard the air conditioner making noise….  finally he said he was sleeping on the roof and smeared tar on him to avoid being seen….


Funk Datt     They saw him anyway….


Why did a girl from the Democratic Republic of Congo go to the hospital with a tumor swelling in her mouth 10 years ago…. Doctors didn’t know what it was and did nothing… Now at the age of 17..  It has grown to the size of a football…


Funk Datt  They finally removed it after 4 hours of surgery


Why did a billboard for a porno website go up in Times Square and come down almost as fast….  It showed two hands forming a heart… and read “All You Need Is Hand”


Funk Datt     Sorry playa we need more than hand… we need some love…


Why did a pastor in Alabama admit to having sex with members of the congregation… having AIDS….. doing drugs…. and misusing church funds…


Funk Datt


Why did your cousin get on a plane…. sneeze and say “I have Ebola, you are all screwed,”   When the 4 people in hazmat suits show up to take him off he said…. he was joking and said I ain’t from Africa _____!


Funk Dat   These days that’s like saying in got a bomb in my bag…..


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