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Subject: Color Blinded Husband


I have been married for two years now, I have known my husband five of those years. But Shirley the longer you stay with someone you start to know a person, I am married to a man who is damn color struck, if I had known this before I married him, I would have second thoughts, it does not matter how a woman looks, if you are fair skin, or white she is pretty to him, we will be watching TV, and he will comment on someone who is okay, but they are always white or light skin, I was brought up not to have any prejudice when it comes to color, he has never said any woman who is medium to dark skin is cute, or pretty, it is just like they do not exist, this is so irritating to me, and get this I am a dark skin sister, I ask him all the time why he married me he say I am pretty etc, but it makes me think, but he is always saying that is a pretty red woman, I do not like that term for color (red) it is like he is lost in this color blindness, please help, Lost in and confused in South Carolina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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