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Why is a lesbian couple in Chicago suing a sperm bank because they gave the women sperm from an African -American donor…  The child is now 2 years old.  The women reportedly chose sperm from donor number 380 who is white but got number 330.


Funk Datt  Boy it’s a different world whey they get the order wrong…..


Why did an Irish/ Hispanic mother and a Black father in California give birth to biracial twins….  the daughter looks white and the son looks black. The mother says people often stop to ask about the differences in their children…..


Funk Datt….. She looks like her mom and he looks like his dad…. what’s the problem?



Why do some people eat their own hair…  And why did an 18 year old woman overseas get surgery just in time to remove a 9 pound hair ball from her stomach… I was blocking food and water from getting into her system.


Funk Datt    Hair will stop up the plumbing in your house, it’ll stop you up too… nasty


Why did another couple in…. Florida….. get caught “getting it on”…. on top of an electrical box in public… at a retirement community. (I wonder if there were sparks..)  They said they didn’t have any other place to go…..


Funk Datt    I think I’m ready to retire…..      Florida…


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