Subject: Why Should I Not?

Shirley and Steve,

There are no underlining secret codes to be cracked in this letter. I am just going to put it out there. Here we go. I was madly and foolishly in love with a man about 14 years ago. I thought we were in a committed and monogamy relationship. But, I later discovered that I was one of many women he was screwing over. Before the relationship ended, I learned he had women in every state from Florida to Ohio. He was a low down dirty two-legged DOG. Our relationship ended for two reasons; one, he was a DOG and two, I became pregnant and he demanded that I abort his child, which I did. The relationship ended shortly following. Now, here is my problem. I recently learned that this man is a pastor. I am a firm believer that people can change their ways, their lives and find GOD. But, by the same token, I believe it takes a great deal of reconciliation and seeking the forgiveness of those you have hurt before anyone should stand before the children of GOD in the house of the LORD and call themselves a preacher. This man has not reconciled anything with me. He was having unprotected sex with me, (note: because I thought we were in a committed and monogamy relationship), when in reality he was having unprotected sex with multiple women during the height of the AIDS epidemic. He as well as I aborted a life. Why? Because he demanded that I do so or that I would be left giving birth to and raising this child on my own. He told me that he had a career to attend to and that he did not have time for kids. Well, I had a career too. And, I was not going to tie a NEGRO down with a child he did not want. He messed over my affections and endangered my life. As well as those of many other unsuspecting women. Here’s the deal, I am just one Sunday from going to his church and during altar call, and I am going to call this man out. His dirty, dogging, selfish deeds will be revealed before his entire congregation.


Why should I not?

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