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Why is a Grown Man from Oklahoma City carjacking and robbing people with a 38 while sucking on a pacifier….  They call him the binky bandit….


Funk Datt


Why was a woman in Thomasville GA accused of using her housemate’s debit card to order 428 dollars in clothes…..  When she tried to hide from police… she found a…..   different place to hide…..  The cops found the 5 ft 4 inch woman curled up in an oven….


Funk Datt….     It’s gettin hot in here (Nelly)


Why did authorities in Colorado bust a Taco truck that was selling a lil somethin something on the side.  You could order Tacos and a Six pack, A double or yellow cups.. All code words for Meth…  they found 55 pounds of Meth worth about 750 thousand in the food truck…


Funk Datt    I like tacos… but y’all can keep that other stuff


Why was a man named…. Calvin Wank… of Deposit, New York… busted for wanking his winkie in a parking lot near a Love’s…. travel stop…  He was wearing lipstick an eye make-up….


Funk Datt We can’t make this stuff up…..


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