Subject: Soon To Be Wife Or Long Lost Sister

Hey Morning Crew.

I am a 27-year-old woman who has just recently got engaged to love of my life. His a smart, well-educated man who treats me like a queen. I am happier than I have ever been in my whole life. So you may ask what’s wrong. My man has never met my family and I have never met his family. So after being engaged for about 2 months we decided to meet each others family. His family was very shocked and was also very happy for us at the same time. But, it was really weird being around his father because his father and I had a great connection with each other like a father daughter type of connection. Now at first I thought that it was just because I never had a father in my life. But, now that I got all the facts about him it’s all coming together now. So after meeting his family and him meeting my family everything was fine or so I thought. My family decided to throw us an engagement party without telling us. Long story short we were at the party and I had to use the bathroom and I walked into the bathroom and saw my mother and my man’s father having SEX on the sink in my mother’s house. They didn’t see me so I ran out the bathroom and went back outside to the party like nothing ever happened. My man saw me running out the house and ran up to me and asked me “What’s wrong baby!” and I said “Nothing’s wrong!” I didn’t want to say anything to about it because I didn’t want him to go in there and see what I saw. Well after the party was over and he took his parents home. I called my mother into the kitchen and told her what I saw and she told me that she and my soon to be father in law have been doing this for years and that my soon to be father in law was actually my father. I was shocked and hurt that my mother would do something like this. My mother says that she didn’t want to say anything to me because she did want to hurt my feelings. But, now I can’t look my man’s father in the face anymore or talk to him about anything. So what do I do about this situation? Do I tell my man who I really am to him or do I just kept my mouth shut about it all. Should I tell my man’s mother about it? Somebody help me because I am so lost.

Listen to Shirley & Steve respond to this letter below:

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