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Subject: Caught Up In Lies

Good morning everyone,

I really enjoy listening to the Steve Harvey show. My problem is this, the other day while in my bedroom changing my 3 month old daughter diaper my husband cell phone had rung twice. He was sleeping so hard he didn’t even budge to even answer it. As I went to answer it I decided to go check it out and what’s going on in his daily activity. He claims that all the female numbers that’s in his phone are co-workers. Well anyway I went through his phone and found a text message to a co-worker that he claim he don’t even like. My question is this if you don’t like her why do you have her number he can’t give me a straight answer. He told this female @ 7:49 in the morning how good she was looking to him, he don’t even compliment me like that and we have been together for 17 years, I have to get compliments from other guys out in the streets. Then I went through his picture message and he have pictures of different women in his phone naked when I asked him about it he tells me that his boy sent them pictures to him. We had a heated argument because he went out Saturday night and I had text him telling him to open a jar of pickles for his children when he got home. He text me back saying whatever, then he come home with a raging attitude telling me that I ruined his night with his supposed to be friends. I told him that it wasn’t that serious. I had confronted him with all the evidence that I had collected on him and asked him why is he so secretive by putting a lock on his phone. His response was he don’t like me looking in his phone. I tell him that he act like he got something to hide, he reply that he’s not cheating if I was accusing him of it. My thing is this if he’s not cheating why lock his phone, why have dirty pictures of women in his phone, why lie when he get caught up, and why the attitude when I asked him to open a pickle jar. My question to you guys are Am I wrong for doing this?

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