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Why was a drunk Mom in Vermont arrested after she got too drunk to drive…  she got her child to drive her home… the mom had pulled the car’s parking brake several times in the middle of traffic…. (You can do it baby…..  mama got confidence in ya baby…)


Funk Dat    next time call a cab….


Why did 2 men in Oklahoma (the new Florida) get arrested and charged with spraying doe urine on 2500 dollars worth of merchandise in a Walmart…. you heard right deer pee…..


Funk Dat    That’s nasty……  Oh that’s nasty… what’s wrong with people


Why did a drunk man in Pennsylvania break into a bar….. to take a nap….. he broke in through a window and was knocked out on a table in the kitchen….


Funk Dat    Alcohol is a helluva drug….


Why did a man in Maryland get so upset with a co-worker who ate one of his meatballs… that he stabbed the co-worker in the arm…..  I bet he won’t take nobody else’s meatball


Funk Dat   We don’t play with food around here either…


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