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In the words of Donald Duck…”Oh my goodness..oh my goodness!” We just don’t know what to say about this situation, other than to say we’re so sorry that Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Momma Dee had to go experience such an embarrassing moment. We’re also feeling sympathy for those who witnessed it as well!

According to our family over at Dish Nation, Momma Dee was in the middle of a performance to support her new song “I Deserve” when she found herself one tooth short!

Take a look at the video below!


Well, she was definitely right about one thing…she is only human and we think this just demonstrates how human she is! She took it all like a champ though. While most people would have been running to hide somewhere, she stepped up to the plate and called in to the show…we can’t say that we’ve seen too many people who were that brave about embarrassing moments. Salute to Momma Dee!



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