Subject: Is It Another Woman/My Kids/Or Me?

Steve & Shirley I’m a 37-year-old divorced mother of 4, 17, 14, 10 & 7.

I am currently dating a man who is 42 divorced and has no kids he treats me very nice, we’ve been dating about 7 months.   He’s been there for me emotionally as well as financially; I was floating on cloud 9 until about a month ago.

He moved in with me and my kids and everything was still fine, or at least I thought.   He would pay bills, sex was great and we communicated very well together, then I began to notice he never interacted with my kids in any way.   When I brought this to his attention he said he didn’t feel he had to do anything with them since they had their father in their life, I told him I didn’t understand how he thought he could live with a woman and her kids and not have some type of interaction with them. The conversation quickly turned into an argument, this was the first time we had an argument so I didn’t know what to expect. He left the house and stayed gone all day, when he returned he didn’t finish the discussion and he went on as if it didn’t happen. A few weeks later I thought everything was fine and back to normal, he woke up one Monday morning and told me he had an appointment to look for an apartment, when he returned he told me he signed a lease and would be moving out that Friday 4 days later. I couldn’t believe it,   I asked him why he was leaving he said he thought about the argument dealing with the kids and that he wasn’t ready he wasn’t ready for this “family” stuff again. He told me he loves me and wants to have a relationship with me but he just doesn’t want to live with me or my kids.   He wouldn’t commit on how impressed he was with how well-mannered they were. So what’s the problem, their father gets them every other weekend, pays child support, so free time and money is not an issue, is he using my kids as a cop-out to break up with me to be with someone else I just don’t understand how someone’s feelings can just change at the drop of a dime like that, I am so confused I don’t know what to believe or think I thought 42 the games would be over.

Steve please tell me is this a game or not?

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