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Subject: Where Do We Go From Here

Dear Steve and Shirley,

Almost five years ago, I met and fell in love with the most wonderful man, he was everything I could have ever asked for. I thought I had found my soul-mate. He is a graduate of HBCU’s and I too am a graduate of two HBCU’s. I am a God-fearing Christian who is so involved in my church that it would probably fall down around me if I missed a Sunday. What they don’t know is how he beats me, I have covered up so many black eyes and bruises that drug stores see me coming and keep the supply of concealer make-up behind the counter just for me. Just last night, I had my lip busted because I fixed rice with his dinner instead of macaroni and cheese like he asked. I know you are probably wondering what a woman of my education is still doing with this man and there are days were I ask my self that also but Steve I just can’t seem to leave him. Not only does he abuse me but he cheats with every skirt (and pant) that walks in front of him. There are women and men in our church he has slept with and is currently sleeping with and they smile in my face when they see me, knowing they will see my husband later that night. I am so afraid to leave him for fear of my life but I also fear that if I stay my death is still coming. Please tell me what to do.

Listen to Shirley & Steve respond to this letter below: