Ya know how we call our kids cell phone and they ignore you….  Why did a mother create the “Ignore No More’ Cellphone app that will lock your kid’s phone until they call you back?   her son said…. he though it was great… but for other people…


Funk Dat  … answer your phone and it won’t get cut off


Why did a woman in Texas steal a 3.99 bottle of wine so she could get arrested and see her boyfriend in jail….

He was arrested hours earlier…..


Funk Dat   baby we’re gonna ALWAYS!!!! be together….


Do you remember that Texas beauty queen who’s closet was robbed after she put it on display on Good Morning America….  Well Why did a person who claimed to be the robber send several of the stolen items to a local newspaper…… claiming that the stuff wasn’t worth a million…. it was fake!!!!


Funk Dat…. I wonder what they told the insurance company…. Hmmmm


Why is there a youtube video of a girlfriend whoopin’  up on her boyfriend because he “liked” another girl’s picture….  Oh by the way she Used to send nude pictures of herself to other people… but she doesn’t do that anymore…



Funk Dat   Jasmine wants to know WHY WHY WHY….  SHE IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR HIM!!!!!!


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