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Wesley Snipes and Terry Crews are just two of the 17 (!)  action heroes taking aim in the third installment of “The Expendables” paramilitary outlaw franchise. After what we’ll just call “an extended vacation” Wesley has joined the team of hired guns and professional grenade throwers for one last hurrah. In a brief chat with we got to talk about his character “Dr. Death,” the hip-hop version of the franchise and if he’ll be working with Spike Lee anytime soon.

TUD: No one saw this franchise going to three movies when the first “Expendables” came out. What has been the secret to its success?

Terry Crews: I think the key is that it keeps making money. No one knew they wanted it until it came. You didn’t know you needed a cellphone until someone created one, and “The Expendables” is that kind of deal. True visionaries always put things that are out there that didn’t exist that you didn’t think about. When Sly was trying to do this people called him crazy…you’re too old, there’s no way. Your time is passed, you’re in your 60s. But when he built it they came. Now here we are on the third one. This man is the sequel master and I’m so happy to be on for this ride. The trailer says one last ride but I’m not done.”

Wesley: I just got on so I’m not looking to get off anytime soon.

Wesley Terry 1

So what’s the story behind your character, “Dr. Death,” Wesley?

Wesley: My character is a real philosophical cat with great moral…nah, he’s a nut. He’s been isolated for about eight years and he’s trying to get his feet back under him and rejoin the team. He’s a knife expert, he can cut em up and sew em [back] up. Then [they] realize he’s gone a little crazy.

knife throw

What would the rap version of “The Expendables” be?

Terry: Rap version of an “Expendables” squad? It’s Wu-tang. That’s what it is.

Wesley: And you got Cypress Hill, Lords of The underground, Public Enemy…Flavor Flav would be minister of information.


With the line up in this flick I was surprised not to see “Apollo Creed” aka “Action Jackson” aka Carl Weathers, make an appearance. Can we  get him for the next one?

Terry: You gotta ask Sly about that one. There’s a lot of greats out there. We can keep going. Steven Seagal can be in these things.

Wesley: I dunno about that one.  That might not go over too well.

steven seagal

Should they do a female “Expendables” next?

Wesley: I know that they have some aspirations to pull that off but it will be a little challenging to find actresses that are physical, have an action history and get along with each other [laughs].

Terry: I always thought Angela Bassett [was] an amazing physical talent. I’ve always wanted to see her whoop some ass on screen. That’s something I’ve always wanted to see.

Wesley: Kick your ass and sing a Tina Turner song…

Angela Bassett

Wesley, we saw you at the 25th Anniversary block party for Spike Lee’s “Do The Right Thing.” Are you two planning to do something together?

Wesley: Every week we talk about doing something together. The James Brown thing—congratulations to them first of all—but that was something we were working  on and planning to do for a number of years. Now we have to reboot and figure out what the next opportunity is. We’ll do something down the road sooner than later.

Wesley and Spike Lee

“The Expendables 3″ is in theaters Friday August 15th!

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