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Why did a mother in Colorado get reported to police for leaving a young boy in a hot car…. A couple saw the child in the car with the windows up and called police… then the mother came back to the car…. SHE GOT HOT! …she punched the man in the face and ran over the couple…. the woman was dragged… her leg was crushed and she may never walk again…

Funk Dat….sometimes you do get punished for a good deed



Why did a woman in Oklahoma call the police because her meth wasn’t pure enough…. An officer got right on the case…

Funk Dat….The police are here to “Serve” … she ‘s in jail



Why was a pick pocket caught on camera in Snellville in a grocery store… the victim he was caught on camera with… was unaware that her wallet was gone until she went to pay… then she found out that her credit cards were used within a half hour of the episode…

Funk Dat…. Keep one hand on your wallet and the other on something to hit em in the head……



Why is there an Instagram video of a woman who apparently spilled a bag of chips on the floor of a Metro train in New York…. she gathers the chips together and continues to munch from the plate… I mean the floor…

Funk Dat….Hey GOD made dirt… put it in ya mouth and let it work…



Driver’s beware…. in Massachusetts an ax flew off of a truck… smashed the windshield and stuck to the dashboard….. and in Atlanta a sledge hammer flew off a truck and smashed a woman’s windshield…. All this week!

Funk Dat…. and there’s usually little sign that says not responsible for shtuff flying off da truck …funk dat too


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