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Subject: Had My Daughters Lying!

Dear Steve and Shirley,

Friday mid day I was dropping my daughters grandmother off home. Behold parked in front of my car was his ex car per my daughters. Ran into the house to his room his ex and her son sitting. And she’s pregnant !!! I ran to the bathroom where he was taking a shower. Asking him what’s going on, why she here, is that baby she carrying, yours? All he can say is I’m over reacting and he don’t know if it’s his!!! I went back to the room and asked her she said yes! Went back to the bathroom he said he don’t know and he will talk to me later. Turns out he been hiding this from me & his mother. What hurts is my daughters knew and he been having my daughters lie and cover for him. I had no idea, we spent Father’s Day together as a family, functions, normal every day things together. His mother said she ain’t hear or seen this girl since they broke up a year ago. Him & were working things out. It’s been two weeks he hasn’t tried to talk to me about this.

Listen to Steve & Shirley respond to this letter below: