There were very few stories that shook the Christian community like the alleged love triangle involving gospel artists Deitrick Haddon, former wife Damita, and Isaac Carree. Through it all Damita remained silent for over two years while going through the divorce process and continued to stay silent far beyond that.

Damita stopped short of admitting or denying that she cheated, but she did give us a window into who did what. “If two people’s hands are dirty it behooves you not to throw stones,” she said.

Watch what Damita had to say:

Damita spoke exclusively to Path MEGAzine about what really happened during her 15 year relationship with the singer, actor and “Preachers of LA” reality TV star Deitrick Haddon.

Dominique Haddon also posted this quiet and dignified response on Instagram:

Some people will never own their mistakes and grow from them! I’ve learned a lot from all of mine and I’m mature enough to see my wrongs and have corrected them as best as I can! This doesn’t make me better than anyone in any way, however, it does give me liberation & peace in knowing that I’m forgiven and I no longer live in that space! Furthermore, continuing to talk about an issue from the past robs you from living in your present! #thinkaboutit


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