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Kim Kardashian's Black Boyfriends

Kanye West is back at it. The rants are in epic form once again! This time he is going off about his interracial relationship with Kim Kardashian and how we all hate them together because they are not of the same race.

At some point someone needs to tell Yeezus to come down off the cross…nobody is crucifying him because his wife is not black. And we’re actually getting irritated with the entire conversation. Especially since we don’t think we’ve ever seen Kim with anything but black men to begin with! According to Eben Gregory, Kanye had a lot to say about this topic.

Says West,

“You have to be able to take the lashes when people don’t understand. [It’s been] two years of people not understanding an interracial relationship. It’s been two years of not understanding the art world meeting the pop world. You have to take the lash and be able to swim in the backlash. I get bashed so much, but create so much.

Just know, if you’re going to be a boxer, you’re going to get your face beaten constantly. But then you might end up being a Mayweather or Ali at the end of the day.”

Again we must remind Kanye that he is not being “bashed” because he is in a relationship with a woman who is not black. To keep it real…we don’t really care who he is in a relationship with. The problem is people are over his arrogant, self-centered behavior period. People don’t think about Kanye all day everyday like he seems to believe that they do.

Our family over at Dish Nation have a perfect example of what we’re talking about in  in the video below!


In fact, if he would just go someplace and create one  these masterpieces that he keeps swearing he still has the ability to create, we would all feel a lot better about being forced to tolerate his ridiculous behavior in the first place.

Simply put…your girl has had many black men before you. Nobody has time for you to keep beating this dead horse….shut up and rap or go somewhere and hush. We don’t want all this other stuff in between sir….but we know you won’t listen to the public at large…you already told us we can’t tell you nothin!



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