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NBA player turned rapper Stephen Jackson is known for his skills at throwing the hands just as much as his basketball prowess. Jackson was one of the players that got caught up in the infamous brawl between fans and the Indiana Pacers. Many remember the images of Ron Artest and fans savagely attack one another during a heated game against the Detroit Pistons. Plenty of basketball fans wondered why Jackson even involved himself in the brawl. According to Jackson, it’s just how he was brought up.

“I was raised if one 0f your teammates gets into a scuffle, you do the same thing and we’ll deal with the consequences later. I was just raised that way–whether it was basketball, football, or any sport I played in– that’s what we was taught,” he explained.

Jackson added, “We’re in an arena with 50,000 people that’s against us and it’s only fifteen of us. I didn’t think twice. This is the honest-to-God truth. You can look at the tape. When I went in the stands, I initially went to grab Ron [Artest] because that’s why I followed him. Once I got to the stands to grab him, another fan threw a beer in his face as soon as I landed. So I just retaliated. And that’s just me being from Port Arthur. Just me thinking, ‘That’s my brother. Okay, you hit him, I hit you.'”

Stephen Jackson caught a thirty game suspension for his role in the infamous brawl. Despite the severe punishment, that didn’t stop the small forward/shooting guard from getting into physical altercations off the court. In 2006, he served a seven game suspension for getting into a scuffle with patrons at an Indianapolis strip club.

Jackson’s temper reared its ugly head again when he was caught on tape choking fellow NBA player Steve Francis in a club after Francis disrupted one of Jackson’s club performances. “Let me say this: all basketball players don’t hang around. We don’t know each other. We don’t know each other’s parents. All basketball players are not cool. Me and Steve Francis don’t talk. We know of each other so when we see each other we speak. That’s the respect you give other basketball players,” Jackson said recounting the incident.

“Steve Francis bumped me again the third time and I was like, ‘You’re being disrespectful.’ So I turned around and just yank him down and started choking him just letting him know he in the way,” the rapper said. “Police took him out the club He was drunk. I don’t know. I guess he was trying to be seen or something. That just wasn’t the right place.”

Moral of the story: Stephen Jackson ain’t nothing to mess with.


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