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<> at Ford Field on December 22, 2013 in Detroit, Michigan.NFL player Calvin Johnson is in a world of trouble all because his girlfriend could’t control herself. A woman claiming to be Johnson’s baby mama recently filed a police report claiming his current girlfriend threatened to mollywop her.

Before we go any further, let me explain what mollywopping someone is. When you mollywop somebody, you are rearing back and punching an opponent with all of your might in the head. Are we clear on the definition? Good. Now, back to the story.

According to reports, a woman named Shallyn Blanton, who claims to be the mother of Johnson’s six-month-old, filed a police report in Georgia. The report details how Johnson and his girlfriend Brittney McNorton showed up to Blanton’s home for a court-ordered visit on May 25th. However, things went left when Blanton realized McNorton was with the NFL player. McNorton’s presence violated the custody agreement which states Brittney McNorton is not to be present at any visit between Johnson and the child.

Blanton says she and Calvin Johnson began to argue about McNorton’s presence and McNorton got involved in the argument by “pointing her cell phone in Blanton’s face while Blanton was trying to remove her son from Johnson’s car.” Things further escalated when Johnson’s current girlfriend, who is said to work for the Detroit Lions organization, continued pointing and screaming in Shallyn’s face. When Shallyn Blanton pushed McNorton’s hand out of her face, McNorton hopped out of the car and threatened to “mollywop yo ass!”

Although nothing physical took place after the threat was made, Blanton still called the police and filed a report. She is currently in the process of getting a restraining order put in place against Brittney McNorton. Calvin Johnson, Brittney McNorton, and the Detroit Lions organization have all gone radio silent about the matter.

There is one funny part about this story. When the cops arrived on the scene and were told what happened, they had to go on Urban Dictionary to figure out what mollywopping is.




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