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Subject: Satan’s Scammers

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I’m only doing this because honestly, I don’t know who else I could talk to. I’m not looking for a handout, just some advice so that some other young person out there is listening and won’t have to go through with what I’m going through. About 3 weeks ago, I paid all of my bills up to date, and after paying those things, I really didn’t have any money left. I was desperate to get some money because I really wanted to get my Mother something nice for Mother’s Day. She’s a great woman Steve. She’s honestly the sweetest woman I know. I want to give her the world; just like she gave me when I was a child. While I was on a social media site, I encountered a guy saying I could make about $3000 in less than a couple of hours. Immediately, I gave into Satan’s trap. I’m think to myself, I could by her something very fancy, pay her bills, and still keep a little money for myself. So I contacted him, he told me what I needed to do, and I did just that. We met up, I gave him my card, my PIN number, and other private information. ‘Til this very day, I haven’t heard from him since. I feel so stupid. Now my bank has charged me with about $5000 in overdraft fees. They closed my account so now I’m without Direct Deposit. Once again, I’m not looking for a handout, I just want these scammers to really see what they’re doing to someone who is a hard worker, like myself, that just wants to provide for his or her family, or some innocent college student trying to make ends meet. Honestly, I can’t even pray about this. I don’t know how to come to God with this problem because it seems as if I only come to him when I need something; and that’s not the case. I love God with all of my heart. I’m hoping he’ll hear my cry unto him. Mr. Harvey and the Morning Show family, please get the word out to these young people like myself who are falling into this black hole. Thank you and God bless.

Signing off

young and dumb

Listen to Steve & Shirley respond to this letter below: