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Beyonce Solange

Okay, so what we’ve known for sure up until now is that, after the mollywhop at the Met Ball, the Knowles Sisters left together in one car and Jay Z left in another. But the internets are buzzing with rumors that apparently the issue was not settled after that. Did anyone really think it would be?!

Now, keep in mind we have absolutely no idea how many pics Solange had on her Instagram account prior to the fight. However, according to Gawker, Solange promptly got on her Instagram account and proceeded to delete every single solitary picture of her big sis Beyonce!


Well all but TWO (others are reporting one pic but we went and looked and we found two!) to which her followers on Instagram said things like,

“You forgot to delete this one!”






While little sister was deleting Beyonce out of her IG life, Beyonce was posting prayers about getting people who are not supportive or good influences out of your personal life!



In a word… DOH!





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