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Are You Ready to Negotiate a Higher Salary?

If you’ve already cut down weekly beauty regimens and Friday nights out on the town or totally cut off the luxury of cable television and still don’t feel a little relief, then the problem may not be your “outgo,” but your income.

The recipe for financial success is the highest income you can achieve coupled with the lowest expenses you can maintain for your personal standard or quality of life.  For some reason, people always assume that means that they have to stretch the few hours they do have after a day job, children and church to create a side hustle. Although I love entrepreneurship, that’s not always the case.  Some can truly create additional income on the same job by negotiating a higher salary.

Disclaimer: If you are on your 2nd warning for coming into the office late, submitting incomplete work or anything that you know in your soul is workplace suicide and you’re still there merely by God’s grace, this information will not help you.  But, if you’ve been on your game, ask yourself these questions in order to prepare for your salary negotiation . . . . 

1.  Why now? In order to create a good game plan, you have to understand the “why” behind what you are doing or your efforts will be scattered and emotional.  Ask yourself plenty of questions to get to the root of why you want, need or deserve a raise or promotion.  The fact that you’re behind on bills could be a motivation, but that won’t be enough to sway your superiors.  Is there a position coming available that you truly qualify for? Are you hoping that you can have a position created around any extra duties you are already performing?  As you continue, the other steps will also help generate your “why?”

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