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Hmmm…we don’t quite know what to make of this one y’all. Radar Online is reporting that claims of drunkenness are being made against Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Porsha Williams. 

Sources are telling Radar that Porsha was taking meds for depression as well as for the pain associated with her much publicized big boob surgery. She allegedly drank two bottles of wine in her dressing room while waiting to go on stage for the RHOA reunion show and the pills and liquor didn’t mix well together.

Take a look at the now notorious fight again in the videos below! Does Porsha seem frustrated or does she seem drunk/high or both?




The sources claim.

 “Porsha was drunk…  there were two bottles of wine in her dressing room. She came to fight Kenya and needed some liquid courage!

She is very unstable. She’s been taking medications and mixing it with alcohol.

Kenya was a target from the beginning because all the ladies are jealous of her,” the source claimed. “NeNe coached Porsha into being violent toward Kenya to save her job because it was widely reported that she was going to be fired.

Bravo knows that she is now nothing but a liability. Her attack on Kenya failed, and she lost her mind. It’s all very sad.”

So…our question is who is this source? Cause it sounds to us like either it was Kenya’s BFF Brandon! Or it makes us wonder if Kenya flat out taken to paying people to give “tips” to reporters in order to gain sympathy?!

The facts are the facts and like our grandmothers all used to tell us, “don’t let your mouth write checks your butt can’t cash!” When Kenya was wolfing at those girls about being from Detroit etc it seemed like she thought that alone would protect her from catching a beat down.  Clearly it did not!

Kenya has done more than a little bit to make herself look sympathetic in this entire situation but she still comes out looking bad. In fact, when she tries to appear sympathetic she just looks worse in our opinion! Let’s be honest, she has seemingly been gunning for Porsha since their very first meeting….so putting this sort of stuff out there looks suspicious to us. It appears as though she will be planning some sort of lawsuit against either Porsha or Bravo TV and the Housewives franchise or both! Call it a hunch!

Grab your corn for popping kids…cause we all know this one isn’t even close to being over!


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