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Subject: 90 Days And Waiting To Start Counting

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I think this guy is really trying to play me but I’m trying to give him a chance. I met him over twenty years ago when I was struggling as a single mother with four daughters. He was a taxi driver that I used regularly, but had no other interactions. In 2010 and we met up again and he told me that he had always been attracted to me but I always had this don’t even try it attitude. I was hurting back then and did not really care that much for men. We started talking on the phone. We never went on an actual date, but I did go to his home he cooked dinner once and we started having a sexual relationship. After I figured out that all he wanted was sex, I stopped calling him and taking his calls. Now we are talking on the phone again. I accepted that maybe some of my personal issues got in the way, so I suggested we try the 90 Day Plan. He laughed and went off on how Steve was a sellout. He didn’t realize how much respect I have for Steve. He came to my home one night since we had not seen each other in a while. We had already discussed the 90 days, but he immediately started trying to seduce me. I would not give in. At first he seemed angry, but played it off. He left after about 30 minutes. I was relieved and I did not hear from him for a couple of days. I called him and we discussed the 90 days again and he agreed again. Now every time we have plans to go on a date, something comes up. We only talk on the phone and I think he is trying to manipulate me and when the 90 days is up, he will come asking for the cookie. I don’t think so. Please help a sister out. Should I just leave this one alone?

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