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The internet is gagging over Beyonce’s “wider-than-humanly-possible” thigh-gap and had the nerve to call it a mini-controversy! I guess the mini is supposed to make us feel better about the fact that we’re making the space between Beyonce’s thighs…a thing.

The minute Beyonce posted the above photo on her Instagram, golfing in the Dominican Republic, Beyhive members, Beyonce stans and Beyonce haters all over the world gathered together to comment on her thighs. Many of them claiming they were photoshopped:

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I will admit, Beyonce’s thighs are looking a bit edited in the photo. On the inside of her right thigh (your right), you can see some distortion. I am not photoshop expert, but I have eyes and can see that (in the words of Phaedra), something in the buttermilk ain’t clean.

Beyonce calls herself a feminist, often rallying for women around carefully chosen issues–#BanBossy, sexual liberation for women and challenging gender equality. A few folks on Instagram challenged Bey’s dedication to women, specifically around body issues because of this alleged photoshopped picture. I get it. Beyonce’s actions weigh heavily on pop culture and she has a responsibility to uplift women because she’s chosen to and now it’s expected of her with every move she makes.

So when something like a photoshopped picture implies that there’s insecurities or a display of unattainable perfection, Beyonce gets blamed. Has anyone ever thought that maybe, just maybe, even as a superstar, Beyonce is insecure too? Or that there are certain parts of her body that she hates too? So, what if the busiest woman in the world took time to photoshop her picture, or even requested that her social media manger (because I’m sure she has one) shave her inner thigh by a few pixels…?

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Here’s what, young women start to question their curves and in trying to emulate all that’s glorious, fierce and thin about Beyonce, their self-esteem deteriorates. But you can’t point the finger only at Beyonce. She may stand for women on certain issues, but at the end of the day, she’s an entertainer. She’s doing her job. You’re entertained aren’t you? At least she’s not glorifying plastic surgery and medical procedures to obtain a perfectly curvy figure.

It seems impossible to look at Beyonce at face value. Her public image begs to be under a microscope. I play right into just the way you all do. She can’t post a photo, leak a track or have a baby without us demanding she do more for women, as a woman. Does Beyonce’s thigh-gap really classify as a controversy? Beyonce’s thin and she has a thigh-gap. That’s it.

For A Closer Look At Queen Bey’s Thigh-Gap:

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