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Draya’s Boo Confronts Chantal Christie

draya vs channy

*Slaps forehead*

Does anyone else think Jackie Christie is crazy or are we the only ones? We’ll wait…

Last night on “Basketball Wives: LA” Draya and Orlando confronted Jackie Christie and her daughter Chantal while they were brunching at a local spot and let’s just say, the inner hood rat came out of Jackie…fast. For some reason, Jackie thinks her daughter is an angel of sorts and is still a virgin so she went on this counter effective campaign to “clear her daughter’s name.” Instead, Jackie portrayed herself as a ratchet, calling Orlando “ugly” and cursing him out because he told her she wasn’t his mom. Well she isn’t.

It appeared that Channy just didn’t want to fess up to what really happened besides the the fact that she was texting Orlando. By the way she behaved, acting a fool and taking off her earrings, we think she smashed the homie and her mom just can’t come to terms with it.

Either way, Draya walked off with her man and Jackie was left calling Sundy who came to bash Draya and her cohort later. Ddn’t she learn not to mess with Draya after she got punched in the eye?

Chile…these girls are too much!

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