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Subject: I Know Better

Hello Steve and Shirley,

I know that I should have followed my senses and my first mind. Maybe my story can help another sister or brother someday or somehow. I am a Christian and I love the Lord. I had a best friend who has a boyfriend that is in prison. I thought it would be very cool to have a pen pal to write to and share the word of God, so my friend’s boyfriend in prison hooked me up with a guy. This guy is Muslim. I had reservations, but I started writing him. I became his Queen and I started calling him my King. We exchanged verses in every letter. I kept asking God if this was okay. I asked God to tell me if this was right. His letters made me feel so good that I thought this was God’s plan, A year later, he got out of prison. I graduated from Beauty College after that. I was blessed to even go, because I suffer from Fibromyalgia, diabetes, neuropathy, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. The whole time I was writing this guy, visiting him, and taking his calls, this all takes money. I saved a little money so I could rent a car and get a room on the beach in the city he registered himself in for probation. I picked him up and we started our new adventure. It lasted exactly one day and then we started arguing a lot. Why? He has 5 ex-wives. I wasn’t really tripping about them, but I sho was tripping on his 20 step-children who came all out the woodwork asking him for favors. When we left the motel after he got out, he had nowhere to go and I was not going to let him stay at my house. He stayed in a shelter for a couple of days and then moved in with his sister-in-law. Not only did he lie about that being his brother’s wife, just to make me feel comfortable, he later confessed that she was the sister of “one” of his ex-wives. One night I had a horrible nightmare. I never have nightmares. I had this nightmare that I saw the Black Angel of Death, I was running from it and the last and only thing I remember saying was the word “Holy” and I woke up. I told my daughter about it and she thought that was crazy. My daughter gave me a ride to school the next day and we happened to see these laborers striking and a big prop of the Black Angel of Death! Me and my daughter looked at each other and she said “Now that’s Awkward mom!” First thing I did when I got to school was call my Pastor. I left her a message and she text me back and said she will be in Prayer with the Lord that day about me. The next day she calls and explains what the Lord told her. He sent that Black Angel of Death to warn me to seek him. So, I had to let him go. It was hard to let go of the good times but those good times was the jail talk. I may have been sprung for a minute but I aint stupid. I would never lose my soul to any man! I finally let it go and now I find myself in hard times. I have no income anymore, I am on standby with a job in cosmetology because I am waiting for my test date to get licensed. But in all this I have learned to get closer to God. I know I am going to make it. I was so angry because I stayed without sex for 2 years, to only be blindsided by some fool. I’m just happy I have the Lord to lean on. Peace

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