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Maybe it’s the hair or the dope sunglasses, we’re not sure, but either way Daley is our new favorite everything!

The UK singer-songwriter is riding high off of the success from his debut album “Days + Nights” which features production from Pharrell Williams and collaboration with Marsha Ambrosius. The 24-year-old, who’s garnered support from Questlove and Miguel, performed two nights in New York City. #TeamBeautiful had a chance to check out his show at The Highline Ballroom in in NYC and if we weren’t a believer before, we damn sure are now.

Here are five reason why Daley is our new man crush and why you need to jump on this bandwagon, quick!

1-His Voice Sounds Like Butter

Dressed in all black with his sunglasses and his perfect curly hair, Daley took the stage and began his set with “Time Travel.” As the drummer teased the audience, and the spotlight hit Daley, it wasn’t until he opened his mouth that I realized he sounds exactly the same as he does on his album, if not better! Daley didn’t try to wow the audience with intricate runs or trying to hold a note for long periods of time. There was no trying to prove anything. Daley was comfortable in his lane and with every note, proved what all the buzz surrounding him was about.

2-He Had The Audacity To Perform A Cover of Chaka Khan’s “Sweet Thang” 

During an interview with HelloBeautiful, Daley cited Chaka Khan as one of his inspirations. During his show, he treated his Day 1 fans to his older hit “Game Over” which he then segued, with the greatest of ease into Chaka Khan’s “Sweet Thang.” The audience erupted in a state of shock at how well he was able to perform the classic hit, but rest assured, Daley did Chaka Khan justice.

3-He Paid Tribute To His R&B Predecessors

After serenading the audience with his hits, that included an acoustic version of “Be” and “Love and Affection,” Daley performed a medley of R&B songs that got an R&B crowd to turn up (or turn up as much as R&B folks do) He performed everything from Usher’s “Nice and Slow” and “Climax” along with Mint Condition’s “Pretty Brown Eyes” and Frank Ocean’s “Thinking About Forever.”

4-He’s A Cool Guy

Throughout the hour long set, Daley made sure to not only just sing but talk to the audience. At one point, the UK native began unbuttoning his shirt, which merited him a few cat calls from women. In response, he jokingly said “There’s really nothing under here but skin and bones.”

5-He Just Wants Love

If you were new to Daley prior to attending the show, then you realized Daley, while talented, is also a romantic. Unafraid to showcase his emotions, Daley connected with the audience on human level by belting out songs such as “Look Up” and “Love Affection.” In everything he did there was air of romance to it, which translated throughout the audience. Couples got a little cozier, and lovers became more lovey-dovey all while listening to Daley serenade them. If you entered upset at your boo, you left forgetting what got you upset to begin with and even more in love.

Pick Up Daley’s Day’s + Night”  

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