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Judge Joe Mugshot

*****UPDATE**** The Judge has been freed from jail! But check out what happened in the story below!

What is happening in the world when we are reporting stories like THIS one?! According to TMZ, Judge Joe Brown ain’t here for the foolishness or the trifelingness either!  But he allegedly showed all the way off in a Tennessee court room today and received 5 days in jail for contempt of court as a result!

Take a look at the story below!

Brown was cited for contempt 5 times and ultimately ordered to spend 5 days in jail.  He left under his own power and was screaming the entire time.

We have but one question for the usually honorable Judge Joe Brown…sir….what would you have done to someone who was behaving that way in front of you in your court? We don’t know for sure…but our guess is that you would have at the very least used the word pitiful in the description of the behavior. Call it a hunch!

We sure hope they let Judge Joe out of jail soon…it’s no place for a man of his stature…and we’re pretty sure he gets the picture by now!

Hang in there sir!

Editor’s Note: Calls to Judges Hatchett, Mathis and Maybelline were not returned!


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