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The 90s and early 2000s were such great decades, weren’t they? Some of the best music, television shows and most amazing teen movies were created in those years. Whether you were a teenager, pre-teen or a young adult at that time, one thing we all had in common was our love for the quintessential (and cliche) high school teen movie and it’s stars.

Since it’s Friday and this weekend wouldn’t be complete without a throwback movie situation, let’s take a look back at some of the best teen movies to come out of our childhood!

8. “Cruel Intentions”

cruel intentions

Sarah Michelle-Gellar was such a conniving little beyotch in “Cruel Intentions” and we loved it! Our teenage eyes had never seen anything so risque and “Cruel Intentions” brought that and much more to the mainstream. Between Sebastian’s (Ryan Phillippe) spikey blonde hair and Annette’s (Reese Witherspoon) steamy sex scene, we were ushered into adult hood early.

7. “Save The Last Dance”


What happens when a privileged White girl moves to the ghetto after her mom dies in a tragic car accident? She goes to a Black high school and falls in love with a boy who takes her virginity and teaches her how to dance hip hop. Duh! “Save The Last Dance” was a modern take on the traditional “Romeo and Juliet” story and we lived for every boom kack of it!

Can you spot Kerry Washington in this clip:

6. “Jawbreaker”


One reason we love “Jawbreaker” so much is because it was the total antithesis of the typical high school flick. It involved: murder, sex and cover-ups, oh my! “I killed Liz, I killed the team dream” became a ubiquitous phrase in the high school hallways.

Deal with it!

5. “She’s All That”

she's all that

All hail Freddie Prince Jr. He was the hunkiest White boy ever imagined (besides Zack Morris, of course). During the crux of the high school teen movie phenomenon, Freddie Prince Jr. became the man (or young man) in every teen girl’s fantasy. It go no better than watching him transform Laney Boggs (Racheal Lee Cook) into a popular high school chick and fall in love with her all while maintaining his flawless head of hair. It touched the inner geek inside of everyone.

Relive this “awe” moment:

RIP Paul Walker!

4.  ”10 Things I Hate About You”


“10 Things I Hate About You” was released in the late 90s in the heart of the teen move era. In case you’ve never seen it, the movie is about a new kid in school who must find the perfect gentlemen (played by the late Heath Ledger) to date the meanest girl in school (played by Julia Stiles) who just so happened to be the older sister of the girl that he had a serious crush on (played by 90s teen star, Larisa Oleynik). Of course, the movie ended on a happy note with both sisters falling in love with their adorable suitors at the school dance, leaving the school’s bullies lonely and depressed.

RIP Heath Ledger!

Check out one of the best scenes:

3. “Bring It On”



“Bring It On” is another classic teen movie. Not to mention, one of our favorite actresses Gabrielle Union, is the movie’s co-star. This chick flick brought out the inner competitive cheerleader in all of us. Wouldn’t you agree?

Remember the famous “Cheer-ocracy” scene?

RIP Natina Reed!

2. “Mean Girls”


“Mean Girls” is one movie that we can still watch to this day, reciting each Regina George line word for word (and never get tired of it!). It seems as if this movie is one that every generation of teenaged girls will be able to relate to and enjoy for years to come, not to mention all of the quotable lines that are still used to this day, i.e “you can’t sit with us!” From the “plastics” to the infamous “Burn Book” to the whole school adoring Regina George and of course, the mystery of Glenn Coco, “Mean Girls” is possibly one of the best teen movies of all time!

Check out the greatest quotes:

1. “Clueless”


Can you believe that its been over 15 years since the release of “Clueless”? Who didn’t spend their prepubescent years imaging high school to be just like Cher’s Beverly Hills experience. You know, the plaid skirts, the feather pens, the boyfriend trouble and having difficulty learning how to drive while simultaneously making the best friends you’ve ever had! “Clueless” definitely put a staple on our generation. After all, who didn’t have the Cher and Deon Barbie dolls as a kid? I know I did!

Watch the famous “Christian Is A Cake Boy” scene:

RIP Brittany Murphy!

What were some of your favorite teen movies?

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