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Bravo’s latest reality TV show “Blood, Sweat & Heels” was an instant hit because it’s based on “real” women–Demetria Lucas, Geneva Thomas, Brie Bythewood, Daisy Lewellyn, Mica Hughes and Melyssa Ford– who had the perfect chemistry and combination of drama, attitude and career woes that made them easy to relate to and equally as entertaining. However, this past Monday we painfully watched Demetria, Geneva and Brie go from those likeable characters to “mean girls” all in the seconds it takes to swallow a shot of lunch break liquor.

What started out as a girl’s trip to Brie’s family home in the Hamptons, turned into an ambush and everyone seemed to forget that fellow cast mate Mica was going through one of the most vulnerable times in her life. Though the group didn’t initially know that Mica’s estranged father had passed away hours before she stomped over Brie’s family’s lawn in blue pumps, greeting them in only a way Mica can say ‘hello,’ they were still insensitive to what they were aware of: that her father was terminally ill and Mica had just visited him.

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In their defense, the group asked Mica about her father when she arrived and she chose to focus on other topics, but it was clear that she was on the verge of tears as soon as she sat down and not one of her so-called friends extended an arm for a hug. Instead, they were pissed that she was late and their dinner plans were compromised. Not room temperature bread. Oh no! After Mica exploded, how any normal person is capable of reacting after the loss of a parent, they insulted her and made it clear that they did not care that her father had died. It was no excuse for her behavior, they said. It was painful to watch.

We spoke with Mica to get her side of the story, what she thinks of the other girls and ask her once and for all if she thinks she has a drinking problem. Read her response, below:

HelloBeautiful: What was going through your mind during that scene in the Hamptons?

Mica Hughes: I did not know I was walking into an ambush. I did not know they were talking about me the way they were, that they felt animosity towards me and were so negative and just trying to label me and judge me and kinda destroy me. Especially from Demetria, I had only filmed with Demetria three times prior to the Hamptons, so she’s going hard about drinking and how she felt about me and I’m thinking to myself, I’ve only dealt with you for 20 minutes. How do you have so much to say that’s negative? What have I ever done to you? Brie as well.

HB: Some viewers peg Demetria as a ‘mean girl’ and judgmental. What do you think?

MH: I absolutely think that. If you’re not behaving to Demetria’s standards then you have a problem. If you have a glass of wine in your hand, you’re a drunk. If you’re taking aspirin, you’re a drug addict. She will use anything against you to bring you down. She’s not a girl who supports. I don’t think she is sympathetic or empathetic. She’s just mean and rude and it’s just ridiculous how she behaved especially in such a vulnerable situation as the passing of someone’s parent and you’re laughing and joking and running through someone’s house like a school girl and think that’s cute. As a relationship expert, I think it’s really pathetic.

HB: They didn’t know that your father had passed yet, correct?

MH: They knew that my father was terminally ill. There was no reason for them to be as nasty as they were to me. I have hung out with Brie and Demetria prior to filming and Demetria has never opened her mouth to say, ‘Mica is a drunk’ or ‘Mica needs AA,’ as a matter of fact, she said, and I quote her, “I like Mica, I f**k with her. We may not see eye to eye but I f**k with her.” Now switch to 20 minutes of filming and I need all of this intervention and help.

HB: After Brie told Demetria and Geneva that your father had passed, they said it didn’t excuse your behavior. How did that make you feel?

MH: That just made me feel like they were two women who didn’t want to be my friend. They were just trying to break me down. I’m still trying to figure that out with Demetria, why she doesn’t like me.

HB: After you tried to run into Brie’s family’s house, Geneva said you need to ‘detox.’ Do you think you have a drinking problem?

MH: No, I don’t have a problem with drinking. You’re taking four months of filming under a very vulnerable time in my life with women I don’t even know. There are cameras, there’s drama. If one girl says ‘You’re a drunk,” the it’s going to sensationalize the situation. I really doubt that Bravo would task an alcoholic and promote alcoholism on the show and promote it throughout the season for such a serious disease. Nine episodes equal not even an hour of my life that’s edited down. You can show me lifting my glass for nine episodes and think I’m an alcoholic. I really wouldn’t trust what someone has to say, who isn’t a good person themselves, who’s judgmental and who is really just a mean girl. Demetria and I do not have the same personalities. With or without alcohol, I have the same personality so if there wasn’t a glass of wine in my hand I’m sure she’d call me something else. It’s just her character. As a life coach expert she’s a judgmental person and Geneva too. It’s just mean and hurtful. If alcoholism is about how much you can consume, then all of those girls are drunks and need AA because we have gone drink for drink on every occasion we’ve been together.

HB: You snapped back at Geneva and called her ‘Wesley Snipes’ and she questioned if you were referring to her skin color later in the episode. Were you?

MH: She knows in her heart it was not about color. I am a Black woman. My boyfriend is dark skin. I have dark skin family members. It’s not about color. I think that’s just more great TV she is trying to promote. I don’t think she came from a place about skin tone because that’s super ridiculous. If you come at me, I’m going to come at you. What I said was, ‘You look like Wesley Snipes in ‘Too Wong Foo’ from Noxema.’ Google it. If you see the picture you will see that’s how see looks. She pushed me to be ugly to show her ugliness.

HB: What would have happened in you would have gotten into the house with Demetria and Geneva?

MH: Honestly I was seeing red. I think I haven’t seen red like that since junior high or high school dealing with women who hated me for the color of my skin. It was mainly Black girls who wanted to fight me because of how I looked. I’m so glad that Gregg was there to not let me in that house because it was a flashback to junior high. Her running through the kitchen laughing, it just set me into a whole other level of childhood. I was surprised to see her [Demetria] say she doesn’t want me venting to him. I was sitting on the couch upset, crying, waiting for a cab and he was trying to calm me down and diffuse the situation. They cut to her in the kitchen and her saying ‘I don’t want him helping her. I don’t want her venting to him, that’s my fiance.’ I thought it was so cruel even after you find out that my father passed. You, as a relationship expert and life coach would not even fiance trying to diffuse the situation, just fake and phony.

What did you all think of the fight? Whose side are you on? 

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