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At #TeamBeautiful, we love nothing more than a beautiful love story, which is why we want to take some time each week to highlight beautiful couples. “Put A Ring On It” allows you and your fiancé to share your story of love with us. How did he pop the question? How’d you feel? How about the ring? You can let us know all about that here!

This week Danielle Kwateng and Kevin Clark dish on their love story. 

How We Met: Her Story

As an unattached woman it’s rare to meet a man who’s not corny, sex-crazed or pushy. So when I met Kevin Clark in January 2009, it had to be fate.

I was in my senior year at Howard University studying journalism and took a trip to NYC with a student organization to visit the offices of major magazines. The last stop on the trip was Giant Magazine– located off Canal Street. We chatted with editors from the publication and took a tour of the building where I bumped into a friend of mine, Pharoh Martin. At the time, he was a content producer for The Urban Daily.

While catching up with him, his co-worker Kevin, came around the corner to introduce himself. We had a quick, but incredibly witty conversation about how I got to the city– via my imaginary Range Rover– and my affiliation to Pharoh– just friends. After our tête-à-tête, I mentioned to Pharoh that I thought Kevin was cute. Apparently, Kevin did the same.

Four and a half years later, three days before Christmas 2013, I was set to feed the homeless with my gal pal Erin Evans. I met her at her apartment and she revealed to me that there would be no feeding of the homeless. We were going on a scavenger hunt; my first clue was “This place is where Harry met Afua. Introduced by a Pharoh these two have had an Interactive love that’s been enjoyed by everyONE.”

One clue led to another throughout downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn, leading to our Bed-Stuy apartment. As an aside, when we first became monogamous, Kevin told me that the one recipe he had mastered was gumbo, but he would only cook it for his wife. So upon opening the door to our apartment, Kevin was there stirring a pot of fresh gumbo. He walked over and got on one knee.

There was no quick tête-à-tête. With joy, I simply said “Yes, of course.”

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How We Met: His Story

What’s funny about this whole write-up is that the story of how I met my fianceé, Danielle Kwateng, began at Interactive One. I used to contribute online content as a staff writer to The Urban Daily. I had other bylines in GIANT Magazine and my own relationship blog on the then-developing Hello Beautiful. The year was 2009 and we had just moved into the new building that was formerly held by Community Connect. At the time, my colleague Pharoh Martin was a content producer for The Urban Daily. On this particular day (and unbeknownst to me), interested journalists from Howard University were in the office visiting on a tour.

The collision happened smack dab on the GIANT Magazine side, when I laid eyes on her. She was already engaged in a conversation with Pharoh, but in my mind we needed to talk. I am never shy when I see something that catches my eye and the woman who would end up becoming my fianceé was simply alluring. The first thing I noticed was her captivating eyes. They were so powerful. She looked like she could make the Pope think twice or something. So, if us meeting was by chance, you could imagine my surprise when the conversation actually began. The banter between us was quick, witty and I didn’t want it to stop. Looking back on it now, I wonder if Pharoh knew what was developing in front of him in real time?

Fast forward to December 22, 2013 and I was going to ask the woman whom I met at my first corporate job to become my wife. Over the course of time, she became my support system, the one whom I shared my hopes, dreams and failures. She became my confidant, my best friend, my coach and proved to be one of the funniest women I had ever met. I spent three previous months before that particular date crafting what I affectionately dub as “the moment,” where I would ask her to share my life and be my wife and helpmate.

With an assist from Erin Evans, a close friend of ours, Alyson Mance, Jean Alerte (owner of Brooklyn Swirl) and host of other small business owners, I created a scavenger hunt which would take my then-girlfriend around to some of our most memorable spots in Manhattan and Brooklyn. After finding the seven clues (highlights: @ABrooklynLoveStory), she returned home to the smells of freshly cooked gumbo and the sounds of Stevie Wonder’s “All I Do” being played. I let her know just how much I waited for this moment to happen, got down on one knee, and popped the question.

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