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Beauties, we have truly seen it all! There’s a new site in town and it’s allowing you to rent a man! Rent A Gent offers quality, skilled and handsome men who are available for “rent.”  Rent A Gent boasts an assortment of sexy, smart, and sophisticated men for rent. Women can browse through a curated selection of men offering their talents, company and assistance, for the day, evening, or hour.

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Users of the site can shop by degree completed, special talent, height, body type, language and location to find their ideal man. Rent A Gent’s men are available to cook a gourmet meal, dance, give a guitar lesson, play an instrument, be a personal trainer, assemble furniture, or just serve as fabulous arm candy at an event.

(Please know that the following words are not my own).

Rent a Gent fills a void for the independent, successful, single woman who want to have fun, who may need an extra set of hands for a home project requiring some muscle or yes, looking for a charming stud to strip down to their birthday suit for that unforgettably wild bachelorette party. Forget those lackluster French lessons that you booked, the run of the mill cooking classes, or tiresome music lessons, Rent A Gent provides women with an exciting and stimulating way to learn new skills and enrich their social lives.

With women taking over the power positions and making more money than ever, now is the perfect time to introduce Rent A Gent, giving women what they want, when they want it, allowing them take control of their social and dating calendars once and for all. Sara Shikhman, a former corporate attorney and serial entrepreneur who frequently speaks at e-commerce industry events, founded Rent A Gent with the idea that women value looks as well as personality and pedigree. She says, “I noticed there was a lack of good looking, worldly and talented men available to women. Today’s modern women are looking for something different.  Now, with our position of power soaring, Rent A Gent finally offers a new level of male entertainment so women can greatly enhance their social lives.”

Why use Rent A Gent, you ask? Here’s a few suggestions from the the Rent A Gent team:

  • Just in time for Valentine’s Day – Have the hottest date in the restaurant or use Rent A Gent for that sexy V-day bash.
  • Frustrated by dating or new to town? Select your ideal gent to find a man who can accompany you to see your favorite band live or cheer on the Knicks in those killer courtside seats you scored.
  • Have a charity event or dinner at the boss’ house on the calendar? Use Rent A Gent to find an Ivy-League grad who can keep the conversation flowing and your fellow guests impressed.
  • Need help hanging a huge mirror, assembling that Ikea dresser, or drilling holes to hang your new blinds? Rent A Gent will send a cute handyman to your rescue so you can sit back and relax while the work is done.
  • Wedding season is on the horizon– make your ex melt when you show up to your college pal’s wedding with some hot arm candy in tow with impressive dance skills to boot.

Well…that sure is interesting. Would you ever try Rent A Gent? Check out prices and more details here.

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