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This week’s episode was a mix of “your man is whack and my man is better” served along side of a wholesome dish of, “this is what I heard…” For a group of women all over thirty and waving at forty, if not beyond it, I find it disturbing that they find joy in discussing other people’s marriages and relationships on a constant basis.

After enjoying a dinner with some friends to celebrate their third anniversary, Cynthia and Peter learn from a new couple who joined them — former R&B singer Christopher Williams and his wife Natalie  a little information about Kandi’s man, Todd. Knowing a woman that Todd used to date personally years ago, Natalie tells Peter and Cynthia that Todd has a reputation of leaving one situation for something better, often. His comeuppance ways had him cheating on Natalie’s friend and leaving her broken hearted a number of times. The Thomas/Bailey’s are shocked to hear this tea and Cynthia can’t wait for an opportunity to spill it.

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Cynthia gets her chance when the ladies attend a wine tasting and the topic turns to marriages quickly as the girls visit a chapel on site. Her friend , Natalie had joined the group on their excursion and wouldn’t you know Kenya had some juicy gossip of her own to share about Natalie. Kenya “forever alone” Moore coming to the table with unsolicited information once again, what do you know? Sharing with Natalie that never in any of the time she had worked with Christopher had he addressed Natalie as his wife. OOP! But instead always calling her his girlfriend or common law wife. This sent things into a tailspin. I’m not sure why Kenya felt the need to stir up trouble with this lady and her played out husband but it only resulted in an all out war on the pasts of everyone’s man.

After informing Natalie about what her husband had said, Kenya and the girls were all ready to dive into a rousing round of sharing some more. The bit of information Natalie had shared about Todd and her friend with Cynthia came bubbling up and needless to say Kandi wasn’t here for the foolishness. She let the women know that she wasn’t miffed by Todd upgrading his life with her and that his past didn’t matter. Everyone has a past,  that’s just the truth so to recall every instance that someone’s partner has been through prior to them is tired and meddlesome. Most people, in good healthy relationships, have typically unearthed their dirt with one another and don’t require the tell-all from others.  It seems to me everyone who is concerned with whether or not Todd is an opportunist should be more worried about their own situations.

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I appreciated Porsha and Phaedra making it clear that marriages should not be a topic of conversation from those who aren’t in one or at the very least haven’t been. Knowing that Apollo and Kordell have each made their own mistakes these ladies understand why it is necessary to let bygones be bygones. During the exchange Kandi made a remark to Cynthia saying that Peter had a reputation prior to marrying her and she never felt the need to address it, the slight shade gave Cynthia some pause. I, too was wondering why Cynthia was quick to give her two cents on Todd being an opportunist when she’s opened her wallet for Peter’s several times and been his banker on more than one occasion. Here’s the thing, isn’t that what marriage is about, joining together with someone and holding them down? At the point you decide to settle down with someone you’re admittedly saying that their past is not something that concerns you. Each time Todd’s name comes up in conversation it is met with the same response from Kandi, that’s his past and I’m his future. Time for everyone to move on.

There is a simple solution to all of this: instead of speaking up on the inner workings of someone else’s love life ensure that yours is intact. Kenya is parading about quick to quip on everyone’s business but we’ve yet to see the phantom oil tycoon who supposedly keeps her laced in Gucci and gold. Cynthia knows she has no place mentioning Todd being an opportunist when truly the only reason Peter was able to stay afloat is because he hooked up with her. Takes one to know one Ms. Bailey. As for Natalie, whether she’s Christopher’s wife – common law or otherwise she isn’t familiar enough with Kandi to mention her man at all. Her only focus should be relinquishing the hold she has on that baby oil that she’s lathering herself in and finding Chris a paying gig. Tell me what you think about all these nosy ladies on Twitter, follow me at @Hautemommie. We can discuss these men, your man, and you may see me say something about my man. Probably not, but you know where find me. Until next time.

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