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Rapper Lil Kim‘s career hasn’t gone the way many expected it to go since she was released from prison several years ago. Although she’s tried to make a comeback with new music, it hasn’t really resonated with fans. So Kimmy Blanco is doing what any artist with a catalogue of hits is doing. She’s touring in markets that still want to hear her old joints.

While that’s great for Kim, her recent performance in London wasn’t her best. During the portion of the show where she performs her 2003 Timbaland produced-hit “The Jumpoff,” Lil Kim was all out of breath and huffing and puffing across that stage like she was the Big Bad Wolf. Some will try to explain away the bad performance by saying that she was trying to dance and rap at the same time, but homegirl was doing basic moves. It wasn’t like she was hitting Janet Jackson choreography.

Please, Lil Kim, come harder than this. You can do better.

Check the video below.



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