As Mama Joyce attempts to take off her shoes and throw them at Carmon, Kandi emerges in her first potential gown only to be greeted by her mother being held back and her aunts yelling at her best friend. Per usual Kandi has no idea what could possibly be going on, so she says, she flashes that stunned smile she uses to avoid confronting an issue. The situation seems to calm down as Carmon returned to the room after storming out. But it quickly escalates again when Mama Joyce tells Carmon to leave and proceeds to curse at her and attempt to fight her again. Clearly always the one to be manipulated by her family, Kandi’s aunts convince her to try on another dress only then to tell say none of them want her to marry Todd. Obviously there’s a seed that has been planted about Todd’s presence and this poor guy is having to endure Kandi’s lacksadasical attitude all while having to deal with her mother too. There is going to have to be a moment when Kandi decides to stop being her mother’s puppet and stand up for herself, her man and her friends; otherwise like Carmon said, her mother run her life forever.

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