All things wedding have moved once again to the front burner as Kandi decided to go try on some gowns after last week’s dinner between her mother and fiance, turns out perhaps she moved too soon. The day seemed to start off well enough as Kandi, Carmon and another friend peruse the gowns for her and choose a few. As Kandi walks away with the sales woman Carmon begins to tell the friend about the issues between her and Mama Joyce. It all spills out about her supposedly sleeping with Todd and how she has had enough of the rumors. Carmon says how she can’t take anymore and things take a sudden turn for the worse when Joyce and her gang arrive at the bridal shop. Immediately Mama Joyce makes a snide remark about Kandi needing to find someone else to marry then alludes that Carmon knows Todd better than anyone. Like the rest of us, Carmon is pretty tired of Mama Joyce’s claims that she is sneaking around with Todd and she let’s it be known. It’s what happens next that surely left everyone with their mouth wide open.

UP NEXT: Carmon asks Kandi to Choose

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