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As we previously reported, Kenya Moore claims that Phaedra Parks and her husband Apollo Nida have been telling lies about her and she is fed up! However, according to, after seeing this week’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Ms. Moore jumped on her Bravo blog to set the record straight on the texting scandal between her and Apollo

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Says Kenya,

“What kind of woman who claims to be a Christian uses a woman’s fertility as an attack against another by referring to ‘scrambled eggs?’ No Christian is cruel. These comments are an all-time low, consistent with a devil, not any Christian. The truth is I have never seen Apollo outside of the show. I’ve never seen him in Los Angeles or any other city. The texts also prove that. The real issue is Phaedra’s troubled marriage and what is Apollo really doing with other women and why he can’t keep his eyes ON her. I’m not the issue. Apollo is a liar just like his lie-awyer wife. If she really wants the truth from Apollo she should threaten to cut him from her payroll, I’m sure he’ll sing like a bird.”

We’re just curious, was Apollo all of these things when she was in Aruba flirting with him? Hmmm…just wondering.


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Kenya Moore Livid: Insists She Never Tried To Get With Apollo And Hands Over Texts [PICS]


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