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As we previously reported, the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” has a whole lot of drama going on right now between Phaedra Parks, her husband Apollo and  Kenya Moore. On the recent episode Apollo told Phaedra that,

“Kenya “wanted to f**k, ok, she wanted to have sex in L.A.”

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which sent his wife over the edge. Refresh your memory by taking a look at the clip below!

Well Kenya is telling TMZ that she thinks he spun the whole lie just for attention on the show.  Kenya also says that she and Apollo did text each other but there was nothing sexual, and they never met up. Moore says Apollo’s BS is great fodder for the show, but she’s not “down with lying” and adds she wants,

“to put an end to these false and defaming speculations and judgments against me.”

Apollo had no comment.

Take a look at the alleged texts below!


We have no idea what the truth is….but we do know this…texts can be erased in 2.1 seconds. Bottom line the only one who needs to be convinced that nothing ever actually happened with these two is Phaedra. Just saying.


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