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Well, it was grand opening and grand closing for Chicago Bulls star point guard Derrick Rose. After being sidelined for knee surgery, Rose made a triumphant return to the court only to injure his other knee. Rose will be out for another season as he waits for his knee to heal, but the show must go on. Our friends at The Smoking Section offered the Chicago Bulls ten tips to ensure they make it to the playoffs this season. Check out an excerpt below:

2. Bring Allen Iverson Out Of Retirement

I know A.I. has a cool $32 million waiting for him when he turns 55, but he’s had huge money problems recently and a lot of bills to pay between now and his 50s. Not to mention, he’s had huge money problems Why not offer him $1.4 million, the veteran’s minimum for a player with the stature of Iverson, to play 70 games for Chicago with zero expectations.

If you’ve seen the Bulls play this year when Rose went to the bench, you know that they desperately need someone, anyone, who can penetrate defenses past the three-point line, and the Answer can be just that. Sure, you might suffer a lot on defense, and with ball movement, but Iverson is as tough as they come. At the least, he could do a Nate Robinson impression without making every person watching hate him.

Check out the rest of the list at The Smoking Section.


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