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Subject: My Uncle Addresses His Daughters As The B Word

Dear Steve and Carla,

My uncle is married with a wife and 6 children. With three daughters. He grew up in Chicago Housing Projects. He obtained gainful employment and moved his family out of the projects into a better living situation. He’s been on the job for eight years and his wife is employed. The children are all doing above average in school. He’s a good provider for his family. However, when I come to his house the way he talks to his daughters makes me cringe and is upsetting! His b_ _ch (the B word)training program started when his youngest was 5, middle 7 and oldest at 10 years old. He calls them b_ _ches (the B word) throughout his conversations with them. These are examples of his interactions with them. B_ _ch (the B word) go to the refrigerator and get my beer, b_ _ch (the B word) sweep this floor, b_ _ch (the B word) take this five dollars and go to the store, come here b_ _ch (the B word) etc. Watching them smile when their dad says this to them is interesting to say the least. He says his reasoning for calling them b_ _ches (the B word) repeatedly is to get them use to it so when others call them b_ _ches (the B word) it won’t bother them because they will be use to it. He says it works because when he was growing up, he mother would call his brothers and sisters names and when she would get angry grab her crotch and repeatedly tell them to kiss her butt. You read it correctly. He contributes that to helping him not respond to name calling. Having daughters of my own, this technique is unacceptable but you can’t change how another man runs his home. Should I stop being concerned about it?

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