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World Star Hip Hop is certainly not a destination for picking up good parenting skills, but a recently uploaded video of a mother shaming her daughter for behaving poorly in school has the Internet streets talking about best parenting practices.

In the two-minute video, a dark-skinned woman with blonde hair and enough facial piercings that would make a sailor blush records herself following a young girl through the campus of a middle school and explaining her actions.

“This is what happens when your child cannot act right in school… This is what happens when she doesn’t act right. Her parent has to come to school.” Telling the camera that she knows her daughter feels embarrassed, the unidentified woman says, “But ask me do I give a damn. When you don’t act right in these people’s school and they have to call me, then I come to your school and I shows out.”

The video was posted on November 15, but the self-identified mom does not name herself nor is that information available on the World Star Hip Hop site. She says she is at Roosevelt Middle School, but the exact location is not clear.

Watch the video below:

As the little girl continues walking through the campus, other children look on and play in the background. The self-identified mother says that she has sat with her daughter much of the day and is on her way to the girl’s seventh period class. “So hopefully, she will get her act together and I don’t have to come back no mo,” she tells the camera.

As the woman follows the girl into her seventh period block, a little boy yells, “I want you to be my momma.”

To add insult to injury, the woman sits next to her daughter, who is looking straight ahead in the classroom, and tells her classmates to repeat this: “So can we all say, she can’t act right?” And they do.

Seeing that the girl is beyond embarrassed, the mother points the camera at the child and asks her, “Are we going to act right?” She replies, “Yes” but the persistent mom isn’t done yet. She tells her that the video will be posted to Facebook. The girl turns to the camera in shock.

So far, the video has more than 639,000 views and has been shared more than five thousand times on Facebook. Some 5,600 comments have been made in the comments section about the appropriateness of the mother’s actions. The reviews are mixed, with some saying the woman went to far. Others laud her approach, arguing that more parents need to be in their children’s lives.

One commenter suggests that the woman dressed herself up in a “ghetto” way in order to further embarrass the child, but that has not been confirmed.

What do you think? Good parenting or poor judgement?

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