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Subject: Going Rambo

Hi Steve and Carla,

I writing this letter to you guys before I do something stupid. Well not to long ago my wife told me she had sex with an older co-worker on an old job. I was very hurt when she told me this and who the guy was because it was a guy I thought she was just friends with on the job. He was a guy who had been in an accident and was going through a hard time. I never thought my wife would step out on me. I respect her for telling me and she told me it was because I was not around and making her feel like a woman. She told me it was a one time thing but I can’t seem to get over it. I have been following this guy for over 9 months now studying when he goes to work and etc. I about at the point I’m ready to go Rambo on his behind to make him feel the pain and hurt I feel…I love my wife and divorce is out the question but beating his behind for enjoyment is a must. So tell me what would you do? I guess first 48 and carol mason will see me here in Memphis soon if I don’t get myself under control….


Rambo his punk behind!!!!

Listen to Steve and Carla respond to this letter below: