First off I just want to give thanks to Bravo for shooting new opening credit intros for the girls, particularly because they took Kandi off of singing that sour “I may be small-all” auto tune note that pierced our ears last season. That was enough of that.

Anyway, the episode begins with Nene opening up Tiffany gifts in front of gigantic and kind of creepy oil paintings of herself and Greg, as they reminisce over their 400+ guest second wedding. “Everybody’s giving me such great crystal,” she muses, while Greg corrects her says “everyone’s giving us such great crystal.”  There’s no I in team NeNe! But let’s be real, we know she’s wearing the pants in the relationship these days.

NeNe knows that too, so she waves Greg off and quickly shiftes the conversation to Porsha and Kordell. Kordell knows how to break up with a bi**ch,” NeNe remarks as they talk about the cold way he’s handled the divorce. NeNe worried that Porsha would be “down and blue” since she was dealing with her divorce drama as NeNe was planning and having the wedding of the year, but NeNe remarks that Porsha seemed to be doing OK.

Well…..not so much.

Cut to Porsha who sat crying in her lawyer’s office while talking about filing a deposition for the divorce her husband wants.  Porsha recalled how heartbroken she was to find out about Kordell’s divorce plans on Twitter of all places. She even mentioned that she asked Kordell point blank if he was thinking about divorce two weeks prior to him filing those papers, and the man had the nerve to get mad at her for asking such a thing, instead of just keeping it real.


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Despite the shadiness, Porsha is still willing to try to make it work if Kordell would just adhere to a few requests she has.  You gotta give it up for the girl for trying to salvage this mess, but she does mention that if he won’t make the effort the gloves are off and she says she’s willing to spill some things that happened in their marriage and that she witnessed.

Sounds like an alley-oop for a tell all book. This certainly isn’t the last we’ve heard of the Porsha and Kordell saga!

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