Subject: He Grabbed Me Like A Movie Scene And We Did It

Dear Steve and Carla,

I’m a married mother of five. I love my husband we’ve been together for 18 yrs. We were married when I was 18 he was my first. Everything was good until a few days ago. His good friend came to visit for a few days. I knew about him but it was the first time I would be meeting him. I saw him and became immediately attracted to him. I panicked and did my best not to be alone with him. Apparently the feeling was mutual, so much so my husband mentioned the way he looked at me right in front of him. So I could tell my husband did his best too so that we weren’t alone, even taking him to work with him. However a few days ago right before he left ( to go back home to his wife and kids) my husband had a job that just couldn’t wait and someone was coming to pick up his friend to take him out. My kids at school and my husband never mentioned this to me. I got up in the morning and I looked out the window to see his car gone, I immediately thought they were both gone so I thought it was safe to run downstairs in my somewhat lingerie and I bumped right into him. I wanted to die!!! I’m not a beautiful women but all this made me feel young and attractive again,not that this is any excuse. He grabbed me like a movie scene and we had intercourse. It happened so fast, but I have to admit I felt such a high and attractive not to mention desired, that this handsome man gave me so much attention. My husband has no clue he called me all day long to make sure his friend had left. I must have showered for at least an hour. I don’t wanna lose my family and I know I should’ve thought about that before. I cry when I’m alone just thinking of all this, please believe me my intention was never to hurt my husband or my family. The attention just felt so good, I wish none of these ever happened. Please tell me what to do..

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