Strawberry Letter: My Husband Has Diarrhea Mouth

Steve and Shirley please help me because my husband’s mouth runs like diarrhea. I am a 34-year-old female. My husband and I have been married for nine years and we have three beautiful children. My husband has always loved to talk and be the center of attention. His loving and funny personality draws people young and old to adore him. He is constantly on his cell phone talking to family and friends about our personal business. Nothing in my house is confidential! If he and I have an argument, he immediately gets on his cell phone to get a second opinion on his views and to make me look like a villain. People I do not know often tell me how lucky I am to have a husband that takes care of everything around the house, including the kids and allows me to sleep. He and I share the responsibility of our children because we both have careers, but he has people believing I do not cook, clean, or take care of our children. I have shared things with my husband that I may have heard about some of his friends and family during pillow talk. When he gets really upset with me, he will tell them exactly what I said. His mouth is becoming a real problem in our relationship. I feel as if I cannot talk to husband without seeing our conversation used as a “food for thought” on Facebook by one of his close friends. We have gone through counseling but he makes excuses that his parents are decease and I have both of my parents to talk to. I believe everything that goes on in your home should not be discussed with anyone but us. My husband is great father but I believe he has no loyalty to me. Steve and Shirley help me because my husband’s mouth is driving me away from him. Am I just being selfish?

Listen to Steve and Shirley respond to this letter below:

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